Coffee in Naples is a ritual: a moment of pure love, which has followed unchanged the succession of generations,
remaining a constant in the most important moments of the daily life of every Neapolitan.
And respecting this tradition, this love, this ritual of conviviality, which NAPOLI CAFFE 'was born.

Every day we choose the best coffee beans from the main productions from all over the world.

A rigorous selection, in order to offer an excellent product, which encloses in a single taste all the warmth, the scent and the passion of Naples.

Arabica and Robusta are the qualities we prefer, because they best represent the much loved Neapolitan coffee, properly mixed to offer a product of the highest quality and that reflects the tastes of those who love real coffee , as tradition commands.

Each coffee bean is treated according to the most ancient traditions: wood roasting, through the selection of the finest woods, is able to give a harmony of unique aromas. A fundamental process that inexorably joins the natural oxygenation of the grain. The result is our "made in Naples" coffee, whose high quality is the result of strictly controlled production in every single phase. A rigor that has allowed us to impose ourselves on the world market with a brand, "Napoli Caffè" which we are proud of.